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The Orion Collection 

These presets give your photos a vintage/retro style. These presets work really well on portraits and fashion shots, however I use the 'Sepia' preset (and its variations) on a lot of my landscapes as well. 

Some of these presets overlay grain on your image for added character (this can easily be removed).

These 10 presets preserve skin tones, and work well on both landscapes and portraits.

Included in this pack is an Editing Tutorial, where I will show you how I tweak my own photos after applying a preset.

In addition to the editing tutorial, I've also included a Camera Basics Crash Course where I go over basic camera settings, rules of composition and colour theory.

All of my presets should be treated as a starting base for your own edits. They often work with one click, however they sometimes need tweaking (all presets work like this). 

In This Pack:

  • Portrait Vibes
  • Retro
  • Retro -
  • Retro +
  • Sepia
  • Sepia +
  • Sepia Cold
  • Muted Greens
  • Roma
  • Film 01 Updated

Models: @cobyderban @parisverra @joellefriend @mel.picon @haleyahonen @isaiah_english @chelseakauai @laurenpitre @naila @thelaceyclaire @chloetraichel @mnakata

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