Landscape Episodes

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In 2018, the Photography Outdoors Online Workshop was created as an insight into my workflow and shooting techniques.

These episodes follow me into the field as I shoot Arial, Blue Hour, and Astro Photography. 

The full workshop (with @itsbigben) was discontinued at the beginning of this year, however I've made my episodes available once again!

If you've got the full photography outdoors workshop from before, these are the SAME episodes. So no need to purchase again.

The information in these 4 episodes has a lot of value and I can't wait to make it available for you again.

In each episode, I shoot in the field, then take the photos to the studio where I teach you my editing process. 


The episodes in this collection:

    Brush up on your photography basics before you move on through the rest of the episodes.
  2. DRONE SHOOT   (13min)
    I take you through my process when shooting with a drone on location in Bowen Island.
  3. BLUE HOUR   (18min)
    After the sun sets, you have a short window for blue hour. In this episode I teach you how to capitalize on that, and shoot captivating images with this unique lightning.
  4. ASTRO PHOTOGRAPHY   (42min)
    Possibly the hardest topic to tackle. I take you on two separate shoots. One with a Canon 5Dmk4 (full frame, pro camera), and one shoot with a Canon 7D (crop-sensor, amateur camera) to show you the difference equipment makes on a night shoot. I show you how to get good images with each camera, and how to edit them effectively.

The Landscape Episodes also include a PDF of notes from each episode for reference as you watch the episodes.

SPECIAL THANKS to Shane McLachlan for helping to make these online episodes possible with his incredible filmmaking skills.

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