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In 2018, the Photography Outdoors Online Workshop was created as an insight into my workflow and shooting techniques.

These workshop episodes follow me into the field as I shoot Sunrises and Portraits.

The full workshop (with @itsbigben) was discontinued at the beginning of this year, however I've made my episodes available once again!

If you've got the full photography outdoors workshop from before, these are the SAME episodes. So no need to purchase again.

The information in these 4 episodes has a lot of value and I can't wait to make it available for you again.

In each episode, I shoot in the field, then take the photos to the studio where I teach you my editing process. 


The episodes in this collection:

    Brush up on your photography basics before you move on through the rest of the episodes.
  2. SUNRISE SHOOT Vol.1   (25min)
    Sunrise shoot at a lake on Bowen island. The shooting conditions weren't ideal for sunrise, but I show you how to work with that on the fly and get awesome results regardless.
  3. SUNRISE SHOOT Vol. 2   (31min)
    We head to Capilano Suspension Bridge for sunrise. I teach you how to work with the early morning light and shoot portraits with @lifeofkiera. I also show you how I integrate a person into an environment.
  4. PORTRAIT SHOOT   (24min)
    I team up with my friend Karis (@karisdawson) who originally got me into fashion photography back in high school. I go through my process when working with a model- showing you guys how to properly light your subject, add depth to your shot, and get a dreamy look to your portrait.

These Portrait Episodes also includes a PDF of notes from each episode for reference as you watch the episodes.

SPECIAL THANKS to Shane McLachlan for helping to make these online episodes possible with his incredible filmmaking skills.


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